Hello! I am a Career Consultant based out of Madison, Wisconsin available to assist small businesses and individuals with their career and outplacement needs.  I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer and an active member of The National Resume Writer's Association. I am pleased to "meet" you and introduce you to the various career and job search related products and services I have designed and offer to assist you in meeting your job or career needs. 

My approach is to make this process as simple as possible for you, yet offer you more than you could come up with on your own, guiding you to the ideal position for you during each season of life.

HR Background 

I have a master's degree in human resources and labor relations in addition to a bachelor of science in business, with a human resources and industrial relations major. With over 15+ years of HR leadership experience, I help coach clients through a practical HR lens. Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my background at www.linkedin.com/in/nikkiryberg.

Minimalist Approach

Everyone's goals are different. I help clients looking to achieve their goals as simply as possible using a minimalist approach to their unique situation. This approach will help guide and develop you without overwhelming you or forcing you to spend time or resources in areas that are not beneficial to your needs.

Direct and Practical

Using a minimalist approach means that I will offer straightforward and practical advice and ideas you can utilize immediately and throughout your career. I cut out the "fluff" to focus on your needs both strategically and tactically because clients need both to be successful.