I am a Career Consultant based out of Madison, Wisconsin available to assist small businesses and individuals with their career and outplacement needs.  I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer and an active member of The National Resume Writer's Association.

HR Background 

I have a strong background in Human Resources. The best way to assist small businesses and individuals with their outplacement and career needs is by hiring someone who has worn the hat of a recruiter, hiring manager, job seeker, and HR professional. 

Outplacement Services

I am a great fit for small businesses. I want to provide limited, customized outplacement services for reasonable fees. I provide practical services for a reasonable hourly fee or project basis. See my Services to learn more. Both employers and individuals are charged the same competitive rates.  

Career and Job Search Services

The best way to advance in your career and job search is to talk to a consultant that knows what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for. Pay a reasonable fee for personalized and direct advice for reaching your goals. 

Available Virtually or In-Person in Madison, WI. Part-time. High Demand.

I use my HR background and experiences to help clients with their needs. I am available virtually or in-person in the Madison, Wisconsin metro area and on a part-time basis only. This model is not for everyone. I work hard to provide you with customized and practical products and solutions while maintaining my own work/life goals. If you are looking for a small outplacement project or career need at an affordable rate with a reasonable timeframe, you may be the right client for me.

I am happy to point you in the direction of another vendor should our goals and needs not align at the right time. I have an extensive network of contacts and ideas in this industry, so reach out to learn more.